Project Spotlight: Transformative Roof Replacement Amidst Unforeseen Leak Damage

The Anchor Roofing Team Completed a Full Replacement of a Leaky Roof to Restore This Home

No two roof replacements are quite alike. In some cases, the project is relatively straightforward, as a solid underlying structure allows the roofer to swap the old with the new. In others, however, beginning a roof replacement will reveal other issues that must be addressed, such as a leak or major structural problem.

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at an Omaha roof replacement where our team discovered multiple problem areas during tear-off that required problem-solving to prevent leaks. The Anchor Roofing team went above and beyond for this project, replacing and even customizing multiple components of this roof to better protect it against problems in the future, all while installing brand-new impact-resistant shingles.

Let’s take a closer look at this project!

Background & Client: An Omaha Homeowner

Our client for this project was a homeowner in the Pacific Meadows neighborhood of west Omaha. The roof had been damaged by hail and was aging, so the homeowner called our team to complete a storm damage inspection.

During the inspection, we determined that a roof replacement was needed. We worked to pull the necessary roofing permits and began the process of installing a new, impact-resistant roofing system.

The Challenges: Leak Issues Found During Roof Replacement

Our team found new problems with the roof while removing shingles to begin the roof replacement, including multiple active leaks and spots just beginning to leak. Many of these leaks stemmed from issues with flashing, particularly near the chimney and in problematic areas of the roof. 

We realized we would need to take steps to better protect the roof against drainage and leak issues during this roof replacement, as the previous drainage system was not adequately protecting the home from rainwater.

The Solution: A Drainage Plan and Custom Flashing

The Anchor Roofing crew began planning out our drainage solution, taking note of all the problem areas and mapping out water flow across the roof. We removed most of the step flashing, Chimney Cricket, and dead pan, replacing all of it with new custom materials. We also installed gutter guards and downspouts to further improve the drainage system on this home’s roof.

With the drainage system fully installed to prevent future leak issues, we completed the rest of the roof replacement seamlessly. We worked with CertainTeed Presidential Shake IR shingles to protect the home against future hail and storm damage.

the Anchor Roofing team during a roof replacement in progress

The Result: A Renewed Roof and Flashing System

The result was a gorgeous new roof that was ready for the storm season. Our team used custom flashing to both improve the overall performance of the home’s drainage system and to create a cleaner appearance. We also matched the new flashing to the gutters to complete the look.

The new IR shingles will keep this home well protected against many types of storm damage, and the wood shake pattern added renewed curb appeal in the process. In the end, we left this roof looking and performing beautifully!

Anchor Roofing: Hail & Roof Leak Replacement Experts

No matter your reasons for needing a roof replacement—whether leaks, hail, age, or all of the above—the Anchor Roofing team has the experience and problem-solving know-how to deliver a new roof that will perform for years to come. 

If you’re faced with challenging roofing issues that other roofers just can’t resolve, we’re always standing by to solve a new roofing puzzle! Reach out to our team today to get started.

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