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At Anchor Roofing we are proud to be Nebraska’s most trusted, expert, residential roofers. Your home may have recently experienced storm damage or need routine maintenance. We specialize in roof and gutter work and are highly experienced in the insurance claim process. Our goal is to alleviate any stress for you that can come with home repair projects. We take pride in our work and communication with clients. We supply more than expert roofers. We supply peace of mind!



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Customer Testimonials
“After a hail storm in May 2019, I called Anchor Roofing based on a close friend’s recommendation. I am so thankful I did! Mike and John were out to my house the next day to inspect the roof/gutters. Anchor Roofing stands behind their word: “With You Through the Storm.” I will be referring business to them at every opportunity I get moving forward! Thank you so much for caring about my family and my home the way you have!”

-Stephen Leick
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“What a great group to work with. Trying to close on a house is stressful enough. Dealing with weather issues at the 11th hour is tough. Not only did Skye and the rest of Anchor step up to help they kept me aware the whole way. They do solid work and make sure the clients they have are satisfied with the result.”

-Chris Mellott
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“Mike Meyer and his team have exemplified great customer service, honesty and great expertise in roofing with my real estate business and clients. They handle the insurance company from start to finish and do a great job with total replacements and repairs of roofs. I highly recommend their team with total confidence to take care of my clients as well as I do.”

-Tammy Payne
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“I had an exceptional experience with Anchor Roofing! I called with a specific issue that needed to be addressed quickly and Mark and Jake came out the same day (and worked well into the evening) to take care of it. They did high quality work and were wonderful with communication throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!!!”

-Corrie Johnson
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“A company of honesty and character! Anchor Roofing will be open and honest with you and look out for your best interest and not theirs. You just don’t see it done like they do anymore!!”

-Kyle Fagan
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“We interviewed multiple roofing companies after a hail storm. Anchor roofing was the only company who we truly felt had our best interest at heart. After choosing them they made the process painless, and so simple. They worked on a Saturday sun up to sun down to complete the job and the quality of work was incredible. Anchor Roofing will be the only roofing company we use for years to come. Integrity, authenticity, committed- just a few words to describe this company.”

-Courtney Billings
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“I don’t usually leave reviews for Company’s as I don’t usually take time out of our super busy life however ,I’m leaving a review for one of the most honest and dependable roofing companies. Anchor Roofing is a company you can bet will go above and beyond to provide quality work , satisfaction and value that you won’t find just anywhere . I highly recommend them if you are looking for an expert roofer you have come to the right company who stands behind their work and treats you like Family. I can honestly say I would recommend this Company with no hesitation!”

-Chris Ekeler
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“Anchor roofing and its whole team did an amazing job replacing my roof! I was referred to them and it was the best decision. They came out and initially inspected my roof and was available to inspect it with my insurance adjuster to make sure that nothing was missed. After it was approved the process began and they were done so quickly and efficiently. I am in love with the new shingles and think the house looks amazing! Thank you Mike, Jake, Ryan and crew, I love it!!!!”

-Jennifer Francis
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“Incredible company with great people! I’ve worked with Skye and Madeleine. The service they provide is top of the line! I highly recommend Anchor Roofing. They will not disappoint!”

-Nick Ragan
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“Can’t say enough about this company. Ryan- our contact was so helpful. Stopped several times during the day they re-roofed to answer any questions we may have and to make sure all was going well. His team of roofers were polite and worked very clean while working super quick. We highly recommend this company!!!”

-Paul & Susie Bennett
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What to Know Before Hiring a Roofer

Before hiring a residential roofing contractor, there are some things you should consider. Watch the video to learn more.

Anchor is Proud to Offer Affordable Roofing

We’re here to help in any way we can including affordable prices. We’re not in the business of trying to take advantage of someone with hidden fees or ridiculous estimates. Straight to the point, fair and honest pricing is a major contributor to our success and the trust we’ve built in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

If you want to make every dollar count, even for your insurance company, you’ll love the experience you have with Anchor Roofing.


Why Choose Anchor Roofing?

Our Promise To You

We focus on the value of doing whatever it takes to get the roofing, siding or gutter job done and “wow” our customers every step of the way. We know if your home needs a new roof, you may be feeling some anxiety about the cost, process and other unknown details of your project. We’ve taken measures to ensure we’re providing premium-level care, expert-level services and the best value for you in an effort to remove as much anxiety from the process as possible.

No matter the job – we aren’t going to feel good about the roof repair, gutter repair, skylight repair or siding work we’ve done until you’re happy. So, we’ll do it right or make it right.

That’s the Anchor promise!

Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Roofing Company

1. Licensed And Insured Roofing Contractor

It’s a little-known fact that you don’t actually have to be a licensed or insured contractor in the state of Nebraska to perform roof and gutter repairs; this means that many companies asking for your business may not be legitimate. We understand that when you are looking for someone to work on something as important as roofing for your home, competency and trustworthiness are of the utmost importance. That’s why Anchor has gone through the process to become a licensed and insured and provide you with expert roofers.

2. Roofing Services with a Quick Turn-Around Time

The most common complaint about roofers and contractors are delays in communication and overall completion of the project. At Anchor, our emphasis is on the quickest turn-around possible while still ensuring our high-quality standards at each step in the roof repair process. You can hold us to it!

3. What to Expect with our Siding, Roofing and Gutters Services

Often when a homeowner needs to hire a roofer, they don’t look forward to it. We believe we can change the perception of what a homeowner should be able to expect from a roofing contractor, and that positive, enjoyable experiences should be the standard. We live up to that standard.


4. Our Roof Repair Company Offers Property Protection

When the experts at Anchor work on a roofing, siding, skylight or gutter project for your home, we will protect it as if it were our own. Property such as lawns, landscaping, and decks will be covered by tarps when possible. Your lawn and property immediately surrounding your home will be cleared of any debris from the project and rolled by an industrial strength magnet 3 times in an effort to leave your yard in the same state in which it was found!


5. Satisfaction Guarantee on all Roofing Services

We guarantee that we will perform all of our work to the standard stated in our agreement. If for any reason you are displeased with any of our services, we’re just a phone call away!

Anchor Roofing handles all your roof repair and replacement needs.
Reroofing is something that should be left to the experts. Contact us today for a free estimate.
When looking for an Omaha roofer, you need to make sure you go with reliable and local roofers.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

At Anchor Roofing we are proud to serve property owners throughout Omaha and beyond.  Recent storm activity has caused damage throughout the area, leaving many property owners to pick up the pieces. With decades of collective experience, our team of roofers are real storm damage experts and are on hand to assist you through each step of the roof repair or replacement process.

Allow one of our skilled roof damage inspectors to help you determine if you are in fact in need of a roof repair or replacement. Don’t delay! Production schedules are filling up quickly and more extreme weather conditions are expected in the coming weeks and months. Don’t allow what can begin as a small issue to become a costly problem, schedule your no-obligation roofing inspection today!

Areas Served
Headquartered in Omaha, Anchor provides roof replacement and roof repair services to the following areas:

Bellevue, Bennington, Blair, Council Bluffs, Elkhorn, Fort Calhoun, Fremont, Glenwood, Gretna, La Vista, Lincoln, Louisville, Malcolm, Millard, Omaha, Papillion, Plattsmouth, Ralston, Springfield, Valley, Wahoo and Waterloo NE.

Why You Should Use Local Roofers

You might be wondering “why is it so important to hire roofers near me?”. The answer is simple and somewhat shocking. It’s common for companies from other states and their roofers to flock to Nebraska after a storm to capitalize on storm damage roof repair projects. These non-local companies don’t need to be certified and they may not have your best interest in mind. Don’t become another victim of non-local roofing contractors!

Anchor Roofing is a local company, and as stated before, we are licensed and insured in Nebraska. We know the importance of roofing services done right and you can be confident that you’ll be satisfied with all of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Services

What are the signs of a bad roof?

Common signs of a home that needs roof repair or replacement are visible signs of aging. Cracked, missing or curled shingles are a perfect example. Other signs include dark areas where moss could be growing and trapping moisture, dark streaks, missing granules and the roof being more than 20 years old.

What happens if you don't replace your roof?

Failing to replace a roof can offer a wide variety of consequences. Typically, once there is damage, it will continue to get worse until it is repaired or replaced. Aside from further damage, not replacing your roof can lead to leaks which can cause damage in homes and even cause mold to develop.

Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

In most cases, except insurance policies that exclude hail or wind damage, the majority of your roof leak repair costs can be covered by your homeowner’s policy. Regular maintenance is also important to avoid wear and tear as damages resulting from this will typically not be covered.

How much does it cost to repair the roof?

Pricing to repair a roof varies based on several things. The size of the home, the materials used and other factors such as insurance coverage all factor into your cost. Repairing a roof is often a cheaper solution than replacing it, but it some cases repair may simply not be an option.
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