How IR Shingles Can Equate to Insurance Savings

Installing Impact Resistant Shingles Could Bring You an Insurance Discount

When it comes to replacing your roof, it’s important to choose products that meet your individual needs. Some products will offer a better look, others will offer greater durability, and still more products will provide cost advantages. What many homeowners may not realize, however, is that high-quality products like impact resistant shingles can sometimes qualify you for an insurance discount.

At Anchor Roofing, our team is always working to make the best product recommendations to our customers. While we often recommend impact resistant or wind resistant shingles for their superior durability, the potential for an insurance discount can help offset the higher price tag for these products. Here’s what homeowners need to know about impact resistant shingles and their potential for insurance benefits.

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

Impact resistant shingles are roofing products that are specially engineered to withstand impacts from hail stones, debris, and other threats to roofing. The specifics of these shingles vary depending on the manufacturer: some may use different or proprietary material formulations, some may be reinforced, and others may use a combination of these or other methods.

The composition and design of impact resistant shingles (also called IR shingles) make them more durable in the face of storm damage.

The Insurance Discount for Impact Resistant Shingles

What homeowners may not know about impact resistant shingles is that they can sometimes grant an insurance discount. While the exact amount will vary depending on the value of your home and your policy, it could equate to hundreds of dollars per year.

Why would insurance companies offer these discounts on homeowners insurance premiums? Simple: because homes protected by IR shingles are significantly less likely to be damaged by hail and other forms of storm damage.

What Shingles Are Eligible for Discounts?

Generally speaking, any Class 4 impact resistant shingles will be the products eligible for an insurance discount. The “Class” refers to the level of impact resistance as measured by Underwriters Laboratory; Class 4 is the highest achievable impact rating for shingles. In some cases, Class 3 shingles may qualify as well. 

However, the availability of a discount for IR shingles depends on your specific insurance provider. While some may offer a discount for Class 3 or 4 impact resistant shingles, others may not offer any discount at all. This means it’s important to contact your insurance provider to learn more about potential savings.

Other Advantages of Impact Resistant Shingles

While not all homeowners will be able to receive a discount on their insurance premiums after installing IR shingles, there are still plenty of great reasons to consider these products for your home. Here in the Omaha metro, we’re no strangers to severe weather and strong, damaging storms. In fact, Nebraska is one of the most hail-prone states in the US.

Impact resistant shingles are better equipped to deal with these threats, providing better overall protection for your family, your property, and your belongings. Installing IR shingles will reduce the frequency of roof repairs and result in a longer-lasting roof even if an insurance discount is not available for your policy.

Anchor Roofing: Professionals in Storm Damage Protection

At Anchor Roofing, our experienced team of local roofers is very familiar with the storms we face here on the Great Plains. Our team has superior expertise in repairing both hail damage and wind damage, and we frequently recommend various storm resistant products to our customers.

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan—or you recently experienced storm damage—consider replacing your roof with impact resistant products. Your home will be much better protected for years to come. Contact Anchor Roofing today to book an initial inspection!

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