Project Spotlight: A Worthwhile Switch to Impact Resistant Shingles

Are Impact Resistant Shingles Worth It? This Homeowner Made the Switch

Impact resistant shingles, or IR for short, provide many benefits. Not only do they protect against hail damage, but they can also net insurance advantages for homeowners. Even so, they are more expensive than traditional shingles, leaving many homeowners wondering: are impact resistant shingles worth it?

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a storm damage roof replacement in which our client opted for new IR shingles. At Anchor Roofing, we definitely recommend IR shingles when it’s possible for homeowners to make the switch. Here’s how we completed this roof replacement.

The Client: A Widowed Omaha Homeowner

Our client on this project was a wonderful and friendly Omaha homeowner who had unfortunately recently been widowed. Her roof had become severely damaged, making for a very stressful situation overall.

This home had a wood shake roof that had been damaged and was at the end of its lifespan. Unfortunately, insurance had denied her storm damage insurance claim. But when she talked to a client of ours whose wood shake roof we had previously replaced, she decided to give our team a call to see if our thorough inspection process could make a difference in her situation.

The Challenge: A Denied Storm Damage Claim

This homeowner’s claim for storm damage had previously been denied, which meant she was now facing a significant financial challenge in paying for a roof replacement. Because of this, she called Anchor Roofing.

Our team at Anchor Roofing has long been known for our thorough roof inspection process. By going the extra mile to document damage, we’re often able to help homeowners build a better case

After scheduling an inspection with us, we got to work in documenting the full extent of the damage. We were able to build a strong case for storm damage on this wood shake roof, and in the end, the insurance company agreed to pay for the roof replacement. the Anchor Roofing team completing a roof replacement in Omaha

The Solution: CertainTeed Presidential Shake IR 

Our client loved the look of her wood shake roof, but she understood when we informed her that wood shake can no longer be installed on new roofs. Luckily, many roofing manufacturers have worked to meet this desire for the wood shake look, and we recommended CertainTeed Presidential Shake IR for her home.

In addition to providing a wood shake look, this product is also impact resistant. This will help reduce the likelihood of storm damage in the future.

The Result: An IR Upgrade That Will Be Well Worth It

With the new roof planned out, our team got to work. We removed the previous wood shake roofing and carefully disposed of the materials. Wood shake removal can be very messy, so our team thoroughly prepped the home beforehand to avoid leaving splinters around the property.

Following removal, we installed the new IR roofing system—and the result was stunning! Our client was delighted with her new roof.

What’s more, we were confident that the impact resistant shingles would be worth it in the long run. They’ll protect her home better against damage, and adding impact resistance brings insurance benefits as well.

Upgrade Your Roof to IR Shingles

In our experience as seasoned Omaha roofers, upgrading a roof to impact resistant shingles is virtually always worth the cost. Not only is there less risk of storm damage, but insurance companies often give discounts to customers with damage-resistant roofs compared to more traditional materials.

If your roof is due for a replacement, consider taking this opportunity to upgrade to IR shingles. And if you’ve experienced storm damage, reach out to Anchor Roofing to schedule the most comprehensive roof inspection in Omaha.

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