Roof Damage Insurance Claim Wind: What to Look For 

Wondering If You Should File a Roof Insurance Claim for Wind Damage?

High winds are a very common threat to roofs here in Omaha. With our location along the Great Plains, we’re right in the path of sweeping wind storms that can deal truly significant and widespread property damage. If you’ve been affected by a recent wind storm, you may be wondering if you should file a roof insurance claim for potential wind damage.

At Anchor Roofing, wind damage repair is one of our specialties among our storm restoration services. Wind damage can leave your roof vulnerable to the elements, especially moisture intrusion and UV exposure. Because of that, it’s important to understand how wind damage will show up on your roof and what to do about it. Let’s take a look in today’s blog post.

The Subtle Signs of Wind Damage

Compared to hail damage, wind damage can be difficult to identify, especially from the ground. Some signs of wind damage are obvious—for example, you’ll be able to notice missing shingles, loose shingles, or curling and peeling. However, this type of damage is typically only seen in severe cases.

The most common sign of wind damage is asphalt granule loss. This is when the outer layer of your shingles is eroded, leaving the material exposed. It isn’t a symptom you can spot from the ground and it requires a professional inspection to identify—but it’s a very serious roofing problem all the same.

How Much Wind Is Needed to Damage My Roof?

Wind can damage your roof at various speeds, sometimes lower than you might think. This means that wind storms with comparatively lower wind gusts may cause wind damage that goes completely unnoticed.

For example, if your home is hit by a microburst resulting in 80–100+ mph winds, you should definitely call a roofer. However, wind speeds of as little as 40–50 mph are considered “damaging.” While damage isn’t a guarantee, if you experience a storm with 50 mph sustained winds, it’s a good idea to schedule a roof inspection just in case.

Do I Need to File a Roof Insurance Claim for Wind Damage?

You may be wondering if wind damage can be significant enough to warrant an insurance claim on your roof. While hail can leave cracks or even holes in your roof—an obvious problem—it can be a little less clear to homeowners why wind damage is such a threat.

However, wind damage can be just as problematic for your roof as a major hail storm. If shingles come loose, they can blow up any time there’s significant wind in the future, leaving the lower layers of your roof exposed to rainwater. If nails come loose, this will leave nail holes exposed to water as well. All of this will lead to moisture intrusion, leaks, and other problems with your roof.

In addition, granule loss can significantly reduce your roof’s lifespan. A good way to think about asphalt granules is like sunscreen for your roof. The outer layer of granules on your shingles provides a critical layer of protection, and without this reflective layer, your shingles will be directly exposed to UV rays that will degrade your roof over time.

Contact Anchor Roofing for a Wind Damage Inspection

If your home was hit by recent wind storms in Omaha, Anchor Roofing is the team to call! Our thorough, comprehensive roof inspections are second to none, and we’ll ensure no damage to your roof goes overlooked. Following your inspection, we’ll provide our complete recommendations for your roof, whether you need a repair, a replacement, or no roofing work at all. Reach out to book your inspection today!

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