Wind Damage Repair

Here in Omaha, wind damage is one of the leading causes of roof damage. Anchor Roofing is a trusted expert in wind damage repair, and we install a wide variety of wind-resistant roofing materials to prevent future wind damage.

In Omaha, Every Season Is Windy Season

While hail, major storms, and other weather patterns are highly seasonal, wind damage can strike at any time here on the Great Plains. From the gales of severe thunderstorms to icy gusts during a blizzard, your roof needs to withstand high winds year-round—and when it can’t, Anchor Roofing is standing by to complete your wind damage repair.

Do I Need a Wind Damage Repair?

Wind damage can be obvious and clear, but it can also be subtle and difficult to spot with the naked eye. Here are some of the signs you can look for to determine whether you may need a wind damage repair:

  • Missing Shingles – The clearest sign of wind damage, missing shingles leave bare spots on your roof, exposing the underlayment beneath. It’s critical to schedule a repair immediately if your roof is missing any shingles.
  • Loose Shingles – Wind may not tear shingles away entirely, but it can still leave them loose and compromise your roof’s protection against future storms. Look for shingles that appear to be misaligned or crooked, as these have likely been damaged by wind.
  • Dents on Your Roof or Siding – In addition to damaging your roof directly, high winds also frequently kick up damaging debris. Look for dents or scrapes around the outside of your home, as tree branches or other debris may have been flung against your roof and siding, leaving damage behind.
  • Crooked Chimney – In some cases, you can use other areas of your home to determine whether your roof was damaged. High winds can shift your chimney and cause it to lean. If winds were strong enough to leave your chimney crooked, they were strong enough to damage your roof.
Missing shingles

Call Anchor Roofing Right Away!

If you notice any of the above signs of wind damage, it’s important to call the professionals at Anchor Roofing immediately. Leaving roof damage unaddressed is never a good idea, because a damaged roof is a vulnerable roof. When you contact our team, we’ll get an inspection scheduled immediately to start the process of repairing your roof and restoring your home following a storm.

Wind-damaged roof

How Can I Protect My Roof from Wind Damage?

While there’s no way to shield your roof from high winds entirely, there are a few steps you can take to minimize the risk of wind damage to your home and roof. The easiest thing to do is to remove potential projectiles to avoid damage from debris kicked up by extreme gusts. Trim tree branches that overhang your home to avoid major damage. When high winds are forecast for your area, clean up all items such as outdoor furniture, lawn ornaments, toys, gardening equipment, etc.


Then, when the time comes to replace your roof, choose wind-resistant shingles to reduce the likelihood of a wind damage repair.

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Experts in Wind-Resistant Shingles

Wind-resistant materials are essential here in Omaha, where wind storms frequently damage roofs. As local roofing experts, our team at Anchor Roofing can install a variety of wind-resistant roofing materials that will help to prevent a future wind damage repair. 


Simply choosing 3-tab shingles for your home’s roof is often enough to protect against the wind storms we face in our area. Our most highly recommended wind-resistant shingles are Owens Corning Duration shingles or CertainTeed Landmark. Both of these products are available at reasonable prices and protect against winds up to 130 mph!