Roofing Omaha: Our Seamless Process Homeowners Love

Our Roofing Process Is Part of Why Omaha Homeowners Choose Us—Again and Again

Here at Anchor Roofing, our goal is to provide the best possible customer experience while installing a beautiful, high-quality roof for your home. While no two roofs are exactly the same, we’ve used our years of roofing experience to establish a proven process that makes the roof replacement experience totally seamless for our Omaha roofing customers.

From start to finish, our contractors take all the necessary steps to protect your property, install a long-lasting roof, and leave your home looking better than ever. Here’s what our roof replacement process looks like from the moment our roofers arrive until the final cleanup.

Arrival of Crew

As we plan your roofing project, we’ll communicate with you to establish a timeline and schedule for roofing work. On the first day, our crew will arrive on time to introduce themselves and get to work on your home.

Protection of Property

Before any major work can begin, it’s crucial to protect your property. Roofing can get messy, and falling debris can damage your siding, deck, landscaping, and more. Our team will take steps to fully prepare and protect your property, enabling us to leave the rest of your home exactly as we found it.

Roofing Tear Off

Tear off is labor-intensive, but it’s also a critical step in the re-roofing process. While a new layer of shingles can sometimes be installed over the top of your existing roofing, this is not a truly complete roof replacement. Tearing down to the roof decking allows us to better assess the health of your roof’s structure and determine whether your decking is still sound.

Deck Inspection

A good roof must start with decking that is in good shape. If your decking is in poor condition, your roof won’t last as long as it otherwise should. For every Omaha roof replacement, we tear the entire roofing system down to the decking in order to complete a full inspection.

Install Gutter Apron

Gutter aprons are installed over the edge of your roof, just under the shingles and hanging over into your gutter. This prevents water from seeping between your gutter and the edge of your roof, which may cause rotting.

Install Ice & Water Shield

Your roof is made of many protective layers that are all installed before the first shingle is attached. Ice and water shield is installed first, on all eaves to code and in the valleys of your roof, which are most vulnerable to moisture.

Install Underlayment

With the shielding installed, the rest of the underlayment is next. This material provides another protective barrier against moisture and covers your entire roof.

Install Drip Edge

A roof drip edge is a barely noticeable but crucial roofing component. This feature is installed along the rake edges of your roof and hangs just past the edge. It causes rainwater to drip directly down onto the ground, keeping it away from your fascia.

Install W-valley Metal Flashing

To facilitate better drainage and further protect your roof from moisture, W-valley metal flashing is installed, which ensures water flows off of your roof and into gutters or downspouts.

Install Starter Strip

With all the underlying components installed, it’s time for shingles, right? Not quite! Starter strips are another critical part of your roof, as they help to improve adhesion of the shingles on the eaves.

Install Shingles

Now it’s time for shingles to be installed. Our team works efficiently to install beautiful shingles that will provide the outer layer of protection for your roof while adding to its curb appeal.

Install Ridge Vent & Cap

Ventilation is an integral part of your roofing system, as this helps to promote airflow and control moisture. Our team will install a full ridge vent system before covering over the top of it using specialized ridge cap shingles.

Remove Protection & Clean Up Remaining Debris

With your roof fully installed, it’s time to clean up! We’ll carefully remove protective covers and tarps, along with all collected debris. Once this is complete, we’ll complete a walkthrough of your property to collect any additional debris we can find, such as nails.

Anchor Roofing: We Make Omaha Roofing Easy!

While replacing your roof is a major home improvement project, we believe that roofing shouldn’t be a hassle for you as a homeowner. At Anchor Roofing, we’re the top choice for many Omaha residents thanks to our established, seamless process that removes all the headaches from roofing work.

If you’re in need of a new roof, contact us today to get started with a free inspection!

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