Project Spotlight: TPO Roof Installation for Lasting Protection

See How Anchor Roofing Completed a TPO Roof Installation to Revitalize This Roof

We’re excited about our work and proud of our talented roofers here at Anchor Roofing. Because of that, we wanted to share more of the projects we do to both demonstrate the exceptional ability of our team and to inform our customers about the different roofing solutions we offer. So today, we’re kicking off our Project Spotlights blog series to share some of the major, unique, or interesting projects we’ve worked on. We’re starting with a TPO roof installation we completed on a troublesome roof to fully resolve all leaks and build a roof that would last to protect this property. Let’s get started!

Background: A Roof Leaking for Years

The roof we worked on for this project had given our client trouble for a long time. Leaks had developed in the roofing system, and these leaks had persisted for years. While our customer had had multiple roofers out to patch and coat the roof, the leaks continued to crop up with no solution in sight. 

Eventually, this client reached out to Anchor Roofing, and we sent a team out to inspect their property and roofing system.

The Project: A New TPO Roof Installation

Anchor Roofing sent out our commercial roofing team to thoroughly inspect this roofing system, diagnose the leak, and recommend the optimal solution to resolve the issues and restore the performance of this roof. After completing the inspection, we determined that a new TPO roof installation would be the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution for our customer. We shared our findings with our client and got to work on this project! 

Why Choose TPO Roofing?

A TPO roof installation made sense for this building for multiple reasons. For one, because TPO is a lightweight and flexible material, the new TPO roofing could be installed directly over the existing roofing system following initial surface prep. Installing TPO membrane would also be a much longer-term solution than simply attempting to patch or coat the leaking roofing system. This would ultimately add greater value to the property compared to a commercial roof repair.

TPO itself is also often an ideal commercial roofing solution for several reasons. In addition to its lightweight nature, it is typically quick to install, it offers additional insulation and cooling properties for the building (due to its white color), and it is highly water resistant.

The Result: A Successful TPO Roof Installation

With the project laid out for us, the Anchor Roofing team got to work. Anchor Roofing coordinated carefully with our client to minimize disruptions to the building’s operations. In fact, we were able to complete this TPO roof installation in just 5 days without any interruptions to business on the inside of the building. 

To complete the installation, we first prepared the surface of the existing flute metal roofing system before installing the TPO roof membrane. Because the metal was fluted, we needed to even out the divots to create a flat surface for the new roofing system. During the installation, our team also removed 15 different penetration points from the roof. This resulted in a much more sound roofing system with fewer potential vulnerabilities to water and leaks.

Anchor Roofing: Your Experts for TPO Roof Installation

At Anchor Roofing, our skilled roofers work with a wide range of commercial roofing systems to protect the properties of business owners throughout the Omaha metro. We often recommend TPO roofing as a long-lasting commercial roofing system for buildings facing leaks and other roofing issues, but whose roofing systems remain structurally sound overall.

If you’re a commercial property owner facing persistent leaks, our team has the expertise to diagnose and resolve the problem, protecting your property for decades to come. Contact us today to get started with an inspection!

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