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Looking for a good roofer in Omaha? Anchor Roofing is here to help! We’ve become one of the top local roofing companies in Nebraska, thanks to our experience and ability to get the job done right the first time. Whether you’re in need of storm damage roof repair, skylight repair, gutter repair, house siding or even a roof replacement, our experts are ready to exceed your expectations.

We take pride in offering affordable roofing solutions in Omaha and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide satisfactory work and keep your home and your family safe from the elements. At Anchor Roofing we’re with you through the storm!

Anchor Roofing offers a wider variety of services to the Omaha area. Our roofing contractors, siding contractors, and gutter repair and replacement experts have all of the tools and knowledge needed to provide only the best job possible. Is your home in need of some repairs? Check out what Anchor can do to help.

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Top-Notch Roof Repair

We work on repair and replacement projects for several types of roofs. Whether you need repairs done on shingles, wood shakes, a metal roof or even tiles, we have the skills to tackle the challenge. We always try to save our customer’s money when possible so we will be completely upfront about what can be salvaged and what cannot.


Skylights Done Right

Skylights are beautiful and well worth their price. However, nothing is more frustrating than leaking skylights that are damaging the interior of your home. Keep in mind, even small amounts of water that are able to make their way into your walls, ceiling or roof can cause mold to form. Our skylight repair and replacement service will keep your home safe!


Let Our Experts Handle Your Gutter Needs

Storm damage and old age can damage much more than a person’s roof. Gutter repair and replacement are essential when it comes to directing excess water away from your home. Our gutter services are reliable. We only use the best gutters and our craftsmanship is unmatched. We can even save you money sometimes by performing roofing and gutter services at the same time.

Anchor’s Emergency Roof Repair Is Always There

Our motto is “with you through the storm” and we live by that! If you’ve ever experienced storm damage that needs quick repairs, you know how stressful it can be. If you ever find that your home is in need of repairs and wonder “where can I find roofers near me?” Anchor is there with our emergency roof repair.

Are your shingles outdated or damaged? Contact our local roofers today for a free shingle repair or replacement estimate.
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Roofing Contractors with Integrity

Anchor Roofing promises to treat every project as if it were our own home. Our transparent pricing, honest quotes, and unmatched roofing experience will help alleviate your stress during the repair or replacement process while building mutual trust and respect. If you’re looking for a name you can count on, you want our Omaha NE roofing company.

Schedule a free inspection today and see what Anchor Roofing can do to help with your home repair needs!

Local Roofing Contractors That Care About The Community

Giving back to the community has always been important to us. Our company places a strong focus on using our success to help better the lives of people in need.

Every project we complete helps fund our efforts to take part in charitable organizations such as Toys for Tots and Convoy of Hope. We help in any way that we can. When you use our services, you get to help too!

Our success as local contractors allows us to give back to the community.
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Anchor Roofing Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that we will perform all of our work to the standard stated on our agreement. If for any reason you are displeased with any of our services, we’re just a phone call away!

Your Trusted Omaha, NE Roofing Company

Unfortunately, there are a lot of roof repair companies in the Omaha area that provide less than satisfying results, especially after heavy storms roll through. If you’re from the area, you’ve probably seen the flocks of roofing companies driving up and down the street and knocking on every door.

The shocking thing is that a large portion of these companies aren’t even licensed in the state of Nebraska to perform residential roof repair or replacement. In fact, many of them are not even local companies! They simply follow storms, hope for damage to occur and then take advantage of their customers. Anchor Roofing is here to protect you from that!

Leading the way for roofing companies in Omaha, NE. Contact us today for all your roof repair needs.

Licensed and Local Roofers

It’s not necessary in our beautiful state to be a licensed contractor when it comes to roof repair and replacement. However, we are the best and we want to prove it. That’s why we have gone the extra mile by completing the licensing process.

We are quite proud of our State of Nebraska Class C Contractors License. The best part is you can rest easy while we work on your home because we would never do anything to risk our license or the satisfaction of our customers.

Plus, we also hold the proud title of being a Certified CertainTeed Contractor Shingle Master. We know what we’re doing and we’re quite good at it. Let us handle your home repair project and show you why Anchor is simply the best.

Don’t Wait to Repair or Replace Your Leaking Roof

If you’re like most people, you probably wait as long as possible before hiring someone for roof maintenance. The thought of having to re-roof a house can be scary, especially when thinking about the potential cost. This likely has a lot to do with why people hold off on their needed repairs or replacement.

The problem with this is that you probably won’t save any money in the long run by procrastinating. In fact, you’ll probably make things worse by creating more damages which will come with even more costs. Anchor is a name you can trust when it comes to honest quotes. Schedule a free estimate with us right away before it’s too late for repairs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Replacement and Repair

Does a new roof increase home value

Installing a new roof definitely increases home value. In fact, it’s one of the smartest home improvements you can make because of the high return on investment. In a lot of cases, the added value alone is nearly enough to cover the expenses. It’s estimated that roughly 60% to 105% of the investment will be covered depending on the material coming off and the material going back on the roof.

Does insurance pay for new roof?

Yes, in most cases a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the costs of a new roof if the damage that exists is not the result of failure to perform routine maintenance.

What to do if your roof is leaking

Leaking roofs can quickly become a bigger problem. In some cases, minor roof repair might be an option. However, a leaking roof can be a sign of a major problem like hail damage or storm damage. If this is the case, storm damage repair and hail damage repair might require a new roof installation. If you have a leaking roof you should contact a local roofing company immediately to assess the damage before it gets worse.

How do I pick a good roofer in Omaha?

When looking for a good roofer in Omaha, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure they have positive reviews. Also, check if they are licensed and insured which by the way is not a requirement in Nebraska. Finally, ask the company if they offer a warranty for their roofing services.