Nebraska Quonset Repair: Breathing Life Back Into an Aging Legacy

Our Expert Roofers Worked to Repair and Restore This Nebraska Quonset

At Anchor Roofing, we’re often reminded during our work of just how much a roof can mean. Our Project Spotlights series is our space to look back on some of the biggest, most interesting, or most meaningful projects we’ve completed, and this Nebraska quonset repair definitely falls into the latter category. 

Our Omaha team worked with a 4th-generation farmer to breathe new life into a storied building on their property. Rather than needing to completely rebuild this aging quonset, a successful repair and restoration means this Nebraska farming family can make use of the building for decades to come. Let’s take a look at this project!

Background & Clients: 4th Generation Nebraska Farmers

For this project, we worked with a family that has been farming here in Nebraska for 4 generations. They primarily farm beans and corn as row crops and have kept this farm as their family’s legacy for many years. 

Thom, one of our valued team members here at Anchor Roofing, knew a member of the family and learned they were looking for a solution to repair a deteriorating quonset on their property. He connected the Anchor Roofing team to this family and we got to work learning more about their needs.

an Anchor Roofing branded pickup truck in front of a Nebraska quonset during repair

The Project: Repair an Aging Quonset

Our clients were looking for a solution to repair an aging quonset on their Nebraska farm. The family kept the semi trucks used for hauling grain within this quonset, so it played a crucial role in protecting key farming equipment from the harsh elements. 

The man who started the farm originally built the quonset with a friend, but now it was leaking and had multiple holes in the roof. Because the roof had become compromised, they thought they may need to knock down the quonset and fully rebuild it—but we had another solution in mind.

The Solution: Restore the Quonset with TPO Roofing

While the existing roof surface had holes and leaks, the overall structure of the building was sound. This meant if we could find a long-term solution for the roof, the building would not have to be completely rebuilt and the legacy of the building would continue for many more years.

The Anchor Roofing team proposed a fleece-backed TPO roof membrane that we could install over the top of the existing structure. This would restore the structure at a price point that was around a third of the cost to fully rebuild the quonset.

Challenges and Result: A Successful Nebraska Quonset Repair

Our clients agreed that this was an excellent solution and the Anchor Roofing team got to work. We faced a minor challenge with this project in that we needed lifts to scale the steep sides of the building until our crew was up high enough to get on the pitch.

With our crew safely atop the roof, we got to work installing the TPO membrane. The roof also had an aluminum coating on it from years ago, which was still in place; we chose fleece-backed TPO to help the glue bond better to this existing surface. 

In addition to coating holes and leaks that had formed, our TPO solution also helped to patch up visible screw holes on the building, ensuring it was air- and watertight. 

Ultimately, our skilled roofing experts completed this Nebraska quonset repair in just 4 days, and the TPO added around 20–30 years to the expected lifespan of the roof. The structure would remain and its legacy lives on!

fully repaired quonset building in Nebraska

Anchor Roofing: Top Nebraska Roofers Providing Quonset Repair Solutions

If you have an aging, leaky quonset on your property that is in need of attention and repair, rebuilding from scratch may not be your only option. If the structure of the building is sound, a roof membrane like TPO can protect against leaks and add decades to the lifespan of the structure at a fraction of the cost.

Our expert roofers at Anchor Roofing love finding ways to solve problems through roofing. If you’re in need of a Nebraska quonset repair, we may be able to help! Contact us today for an initial inspection.

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