Storm Damage Restoration

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Roof and siding damage caused by area storms

High winds, heavy downpours, hail and other types of storms can wreak havoc on a structure. Unfortunately, this is something that midwest residents have to deal with on a yearly basis. It’s our business to help you get through this time and that’s why our motto is “With You Through The Storm”.

Has your roof recently been damaged by a storm? We can help restore your property to its original, beautiful condition after mother nature strikes. We are the roofing company Nebraska and South Dakota residents rely on during uncertain times.

Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail is well-known for damaging roofing. If you’ve recently endured a hailstorm, you know this all too well. Anchor has the skills and experience to take on projects of all sizes. Whether it’s minor damage to your roof or more serious issues that require a full replacement, we’re here to help.

Wind Damage Repair Services

Most homes and businesses in our state are built to withstand powerful winds. However, some of the storms that roll through pack a real punch and the result sometimes involves devastation to roofs. This is where we can alleviate the burden of dealing with the aftermath.

Emergency Roof Repair

Any damage to your home is stressful enough without having to deal with contractors you can’t rely on. With Anchor, you’ll never have to worry about emergency roof repair being handled properly or expediently. We understand how important immediate action is when it comes to preventing further damage to your property.

What Separates Anchor From Other Storm And Hail Damage Roofing Contractors?

Our Famous Roofing Property Protection

Our goal is to restore your home or business to its original condition, or better than before. We take every step possible to ensure no further destruction is caused to your property by placing protective materials over all:

  • Decks
  • Landscaping
  • Lawns
  • Windows
  • Air Conditioner Units


We even roll your lawn and areas immediately surrounding your home with an industrial strength magnet once the job is complete to make sure we didn’t miss anything!

Anchors storm repair property protection

Be Proactive, Be Prepared, With These Tips To Mitigate Storm Damage

The best way to minimize storm destruction and the costs that follow is to make sure your property is well protected. So, what can you do to be proactive and protect your roofing, your family and yourself from unfavorable weather?

Regular maintenance is a great place to start. Loose or damaged materials should be removed or repaired prior to severe weather to minimize flying debris.

You should also:

  • Close all doors and windows
  • Move vehicles away from trees and fences
  • Place items like planters or garden beds in a shed or indoors when possible
  • Have a plan in place to evacuate and secure your home if you’re in a flood plain
  • Most importantly, stay safe and stay indoors during a storm

Unfortunately, sometimes proper preparation isn’t enough to prevent devastation. Save yourself from a financial burden by making sure your homeowners insurance covers wind and hail costs. It’s important to know if your insurance covers replacement cost value (RCV), or, actual cash value (ACV).

What To Do If You Have Roof Storm Damage

So, the weather has passed and you think your roof may have suffered damage. What do you do next? Knowing what steps to take can be the difference between a total nightmare and a less daunting experience. This checklist will get you off to a great start.

  1. Initial Inspection
    Inspect your property. Are there any missing shingles, damaged gutters or other signs of debris hitting your home? Take note of any destruction you find.
  2. Documentation
    Document any damage that occurred with pictures. This is essential when it comes to protecting yourself during the insurance process.
  3. Professional Inspection
    After you visually walk your property and document findings, it’s time to schedule a roofing inspection from a reputable roofing company.
  4. File Your Claim
    The final step is to file an insurance claim.

Remembering all of this after a storm might be challenging. We have a solution for that too. Just print out this handy infographic checklist.

Anchor Roofing Is Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 87 customer reviews

Anchor Roofing Is Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 87 customer reviews

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Now

Wind and hail repair should never be put off. Extensive damage can compromise the structural integrity of a building putting the people and belongings inside at risk. Plus, what might be an affordable and small repair now can quickly become worse during the next storm without prompt attention. Give yourself peace of mind by scheduling a free roof inspection today!

We strive to provide a simple, convenient, honest and effective approach to weather related damage to your home, and we put you in control from the moment of our initial inspection to the moment our job is done.

Simply schedule your free inspection, then let our professionals do what they do best.

Be Proactive Before The Storm Rolls In, With These Steps

Storm damage restoration can be a nightmare, but you can mitigate some of the problems by simply being prepared.  Just follow the steps below and leave the rest to the experts several happy customers trust.

Before The Storm

  • Protect your property prior to storms to minimize damage
  • Have a plan in place in case of an emergency
  • Move vehicles away from trees
  • tay safe by staying indoors until the weather calms down

After The Storm

  • Visually inspect your property
  • Document with plenty of pictures
  • Call Anchor Roofing for a no-obligation free roof inspection.
  • File your insurance claim.

You can also print out Anchor’s cheat sheet below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hail Repair & Wind Damage

While signs may not always be visible, dark spots on shingles, commonly referred to as bruising, points toward the need for hail repair. Bruising is caused when hail impacts shingles with enough force to form indentations. Surprisingly, this can be caused by both large and small hail.

A total replacement might not always be necessary. In many cases, hail repair is possible. However, if you notice leaks, there may be bigger issues than what meets the eye. The best way to play it safe is to have a professional do an inspection and determine if a replacement is needed.

The first thing to do is make sure you document all wreckage after a storm. Your next step is to review your insurance declarations and understand what coverage you have. 

Time frames vary from policy to policy. However, in most cases, homeowners typically have one year to file a claim after severe weather. The best way to play it safe is to know your policy well and act quickly if repairs are needed.

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