Impact Resistant Shingles Insurance Discount: How to Take Advantage

Installing an Impact Resistant Shingle Could Net You Insurance Savings

Here in Omaha, we’re no strangers to storm damage, particularly damage from hail and high winds. Insurance providers are well aware of the risks to homes in our area, and as homeowners may have noticed, that insurance rates can be a bit high when it comes to protecting your roof from hail. That said, there are some things you can do—and one of the best ways to save on your insurance policies may be to select an impact resistant shingle for your next roof replacement.

Anchor Roofing is the top roofer in Omaha when it comes to storm damage inspections, repairs, and replacements. Part of our job as roofers is to help homeowners select the best roofing material for their needs. When it comes to preparing your home to weather storms, an impact resistant shingle can often help you avoid many unnecessary roof repairs—and potentially save on your insurance. Here’s what you should know.

The Impact Resistant Shingle Insurance Discount

So first things first: some homeowners may be eligible for an insurance discount simply by switching their roof over to impact resistant shingles. While this varies from company to company (and policy to policy), we’ve worked with many homeowners who learned this was an option for them.

The exact amount of savings will vary, but depending on the value of your home and your policy, it could equate to hundreds of dollars per year. How do you know if this discount is available to you? The best way is to contact your insurance provider and ask how impact resistant shingles may improve your coverage.

Why Would Insurance Companies Offer a Discount?

While it may sound surprising that this is available to many homeowners—insurance companies not being known for giving out discounts—it does make sense when you consider how insurance works.

The price of an insurance policy, and particularly insurance premiums, is determined by multiple factors. One is the value of the thing being insured, i.e. your home. However, another major factor homeowners insurance providers consider is the overall risk of your home being damaged. 

This is a complex calculation that takes into account a variety of variables, and a critical one is the material your roof is made from. The more damage resistant your roof is, the less risky it is to your insurance provider to cover it. So if you make your home even more resistant to damage—such as by installing impact resistant shingles—they’re likely to reduce your monthly premiums to reflect this reduction in risk.

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How to Take Advantage of the Discount

Before making any changes to your roof, it’s best to consult two parties: your insurance provider and a professional roofer. Your insurance provider will be able to provide information on what discounts you may be eligible for and what products will be required to receive a discount. A roofer will be able to assess the state of your roof and determine whether a replacement will be cost effective.

For example, even if you’re eligible for an insurance discount, you shouldn’t rush to replace a roof that is relatively new. While it is more likely to be damaged by hail, it’s also expensive to replace your roof out of pocket, and it will generally be better to wait until the roof reaches the end of its expected lifespan.

If you’re due for a replacement, however, you’ll know to look for products that receive a high rating for impact resistance. This includes impact resistant shingle products, but could also include materials like metal and tile roofing.

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